Ahrono Associates is a non-cliché product creation / product management firm helping your company discover latent possibilities that you thought  did not exist before.


Why Ahrono Associates 

Until now, most companies doing  business in digital space try to emulate Oracle, Dell, HP, SAP. Kodak, just to name a few. These companies have  legacy processes, bureaucracy, command-and-control structures, waterfall development, and cautious risk management . They must change to thrive in the future


21st century  companies are lean, learning machines. Amazon, Apple, FaceBook set the trend. They have a bias to action and a tolerance for risk, expressed through frequent experimentation and non-stop product iteration.  They are focused on customers. They are comfortable with the unknown – business models and customer value are revealed over time. They are driven by a purpose greater than profit; and they want to make a difference on this planet.


How we make it happen 

We think the most tangible way to achieve this transformation is through a new breed of product and services  management  Starting from the selection of the portfolio, through the way we iterate to achieve continuos goodness  having a clear picture of we will deliver and to whom, before writing one line of code or making big investments upfront. We can succeed if we develop a chemistry with our clients. 

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