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We apply the lean startup process in product management more to enterprises, and less to startups.  


Blogging is one of the most powerful ways  to give relevance to what you do. We tell your story in meaningful blogs, that get to readers hearts and reason. 

Portfolio Product  Management
We lead a process to select products that can increase 10x to 100x the value of the company. These are called zero-to-one products, which are at least 10x better than nearest competition. Avoid "one-to-n", me-too products and services



User Experience (UX) Interviews
Always face to face, sincere conversations. What is not said is as important as literal quotes


Creating Desire

People don't buy features. The purpose of a product or service is to make buyers happy.The words "prospect", "customer" mean "a human being" first.


Blogging, Social Media marketing

Creative blogging must be part of your communications plan.. The first priority is to attract readers. If the blog is not read, it is as if it doesn't exist. We create a notable presence on social media.

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